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Customise Your Equipment with Rapid Powder Coating in Illawarra

Adding a personal touch to the items you own is one of the most fun things you can do — and choosing the colour of your equipment is a large part of that. Whether it's a brand-new bull-bar for your ute or a large power saw, you have options today to alter these objects to suit your taste and intended use. At Nex Gen Powder Coatings, we provide our clients with a high-value service that imbues metal objects with refreshed durability and a pleasing visual element.

By putting your items through sandblasting and powder coating near Illawarra, we can remove any old exterior colouring and replace with a more vibrant and longer-lasting outer coat. There are a truly huge number of colours available through this process. Match your bullbar to the colour of your vehicle, or request a custom powder coating job for an item you want to make highly visible. A red or yellow powder coating in Illawarra will not only make an object very easy to see, but it will last for years before you even need to begin thinking about touch-ups or a second coat.

Explore the full range of outcomes you can achieve by using powder coating near Illawarra to overhaul your metal equipment. With environmentally friendly methods and an eye for detail, we produce powder coatings that reflect the highest standards of quality. Nex Gen Coatings is proud to bring these services to clients in Sydney, and we welcome your enquiries about custom powder coating in Illawarra as well. We can handle it all, from the big to the small, blasting your items back to life!

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