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At Nex Gen Powder Coatings, we produce product excellence and environmentally-friendly solutions to your metal restoration needs, all while complying to the appropriate Australian standards. Safe to be used on appliances and everyday products as well as in the automotive and architectural industries, powder coating is a great option for all.

Powder coating is one of the fastest-growing finishing technologies in Australia and something we pride ourselves as experts in. Powder coating gives consumers a versatile and long lasting option for colourful, high-quality finishes. Unlike liquid finishes like paint, powder coating does not involve the use of solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOC), making it environmentally friendly and virtually pollution-free.

Applied electrostatically as a dry powder and then cured in an oven to create a solid ‘skin’, the main benefits include improved appearance, exceptional toughness and durability, and scratch-resistance. Powder coating has been the standard in the industrial trade for decades and has since expanded into the commercial and residential market, with ongoing technological breakthroughs expanding the list every day.

In addition, we offer sandblasting as preparation for any powder coating work. Sandblasting is the process of removing paint and corrosion from almost any surface. It’s used to smooth or shape a solid surface by forcing particles across it at a high pressure. A more innovative and effective solution than using sandpaper or a metal brush, sandblasters are able to reach every nook and cranny and provide a neater, more clean finish.


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