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Metal Restoration

Nex Gen Powder Coatings are specialists in the restoration of all metal materials to their original state. The term ‘restoration’ is a generic term we use to define our services which includes sandblasting and powder coating.

Using the latest technology and quality equipment, Nex Gen Powder Coatings are able to sandblast any rust, dirt, and other debris from solid surfaces. Blasted surfaces allow for better adhesions of powder coating, our other area of expertise.

Powder coating is a corrosion protection that offers a stronger and longer lasting alternative to standard paint finishes, not to mention it’s environmentally friendly as it does not contain solvents or volatile organic compounds. Powder coating services provide a smooth, clean finish to any metal product.

All the services we offer are aimed at preventing or slowing the deterioration of metal items. It’s vital to us that our staff have the knowledge and the expertise around metalworking techniques to ensure the proper conservation and restoration of any items that come into our care. As such, only professional and qualified tradesmen will have clearance to handle such jobs to ensure that your products are handled with the utmost care.

Our team is compiled of highly skilled craftsmen that will outperform any standard of restoration and produce what will seem like a brand new product! Conserve and restore your metal product or object by contacting us today for a free quote on any metal that needs to be restored.


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Metal Restoration

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