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Looking for a Custom Look for Your Car’s Rims? This Powder Coating Company in Sutherland Shire Can Help

If you’re looking for a fresh look for your car, start with the rims. A custom finish on your rims can help change the aesthetics of your car without the expense of buying brand new rims. You might be thinking that the best way to change your rims’ appearance is through a simple paint job. However, the reality is that painting your rims isn’t good for the environment and the paint job likely won’t last long once your car’s back out on the road. Paint tends to chip and scratch off, especially under severe weather conditions and at high speeds. It also uses solvents that aren’t good for the environment or the metal properties of your rims. Instead of painting your rims, you should get custom powder coating from our Sutherland Shire company.

At Nex Gen Coating, our custom powder coating process restores, rejuvenated, and reinforces your metal products – including car rims – to give them a beautiful, new look as well as increased durability and longer lifespan. Using finely ground particles of pigment and resin, we spray your products, creating a solid coating that’s scratch-resistant and pollution-free. Our powder coating is available in a wide variety of colours that can match or contrast the rest of your car, giving you the fantastic look you’ve been wanting.

If you’re looking to restore or change the appearance of your car’s rims, enquire about our powder coating process in Sutherland Shire. Our team of professionals looks forward to helping you rejuvenate your rims in an environmentally-friendly way. For more info, call us on 0452 639 436 today.

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