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Revitalise Your Industrial Equipment with Commercial Powder Coating Services in Sydney

In industrial and commercial spaces, durability is an important factor when considering the equipment and items to be used. From fencing around the exterior of a property to heavy duty equipment inside a fabrication space, time, the elements, and repeated use can all play a part in degrading the toughness of the object. Finding ways to arrest the process of degradation before it begins, or to halt its further advance, is just as important as choosing the right equipment in the first place. With industrial powder coating services in Sydney available from Nex Gen Coatings, businesses can achieve incredible results in adding durability to an expansive range of items.


The overall process is scientifically and technologically advanced, but the result is simple enough — a perfect coloured coating on your equipment. How does it work? First, we electrically ground the object to undergo powder coating. We then use a fine spray of electrically charged pigment particles and resins, which naturally adhere to the grounded item. After application, the coating cures in a large oven, which forms the final seal and creates a perfectly even coat all around the exterior. This process works on everything from truck bodies to metal furniture. We take care with every item brought to us for industrial powder coating in Sydney to ensure the best results possible. What are some of the specific advantages of this process that make it a worthwhile choice besides its ease of application?

The key benefits to using industrial powder coating in Sydney

The "dry" nature of powder coating means that, unlike with paints, there are no solvents involved at any point in the process. The lack of solvents results in a much more environmentally friendly process and no need for careful disposal of hazardous wastes. The powder coating process also means that it’s easier to achieve the desired results in a faster time frame. This speed is essential for commercial projects that may need new objects powder coated and ready for work on a shorter timetable.

The wide variety of potential colours is also a plus, alongside the brilliance of the final finished coat. With a flawless smooth surface (textured options also available), equipment will take on a vibrant look that lasts for years. This feature is ideal for marking important items or increasing visibility on equipment — not to mention the enhanced aesthetics!

Nex Gen Coatings achieves fast & remarkable results

For commercial powder coating in Sydney, rely on a trusted provider that understands the right methods for tackling every type of metal object, no matter how big or small. Though larger items will necessitate a longer lead time, we make every effort to complete standard jobs as quickly as possible, often finishing the process within 3 to 5 days. Looking to add some extra strength to your items? Be sure to ask us about add-on possibilities such as UV resistance, better durability, or a coating that can help to fight against corrosion — the ultimate enemy of metal equipment in a commercial environment. Find out what you can achieve with your equipment and Nex Gen Powder Coatings' services today by calling on 0452 639 436.

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