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Restore your metal with Powder Coating in Campbelltown

Restoring your metal items can be a concerning undertaking, because these items have value, both monetary and sentimental, and you don’t want just anyone covering them with big box store grade paint. At Nex Gen Powder Coating our business is ensuring your restored metal items are returned to the brilliance and vitality they had when they were brand new.


Our sandblasting and powder coating process is simple and environmentally friendly. We use no solvents or harsh chemicals. Plus, using our process, we achieve an approximately 70% adherence for the powder. Using sandblasting, we remove dirt and create a more inviting surface for the fine powder coating to adhere to using an electrostatic charge. The piece is then heated at high temperature to seal the finish.


These coatings are both decorative and protective. You tell us what colour, texture and finish you would like to see on your metal items, and we make it happen. We offer colours from Dulux, Oxytech, and Interpon. Our team has worked in the industry for many years and can help direct you towards the correct finish for your metal items.


To refinish your metal using a method that will give you the best look for dollars spent while providing numerous finish options, call us on 0242943210 to speak with our friendly team and discuss the details of your next powder coating project in Campbelltown. We are also available on Facebook where you can browse through examples of past projects.

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