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Restore Old Metal Objects in an Eco-Friendly Way with Powder Coating in Caringbah

Powder coated items aren't just in vogue; they're practically everywhere if you know where to look. Some homeowners use fencing with a powder coating designed for longevity, while others have colourful roofs created in part through powder coating. If you're in Caringbah and wishing you could achieve the beautiful uniform look of a factory-new item, you're in luck: Nex Gen Coatings puts this powerful process within your reach.

We can easily restore old machinery and other items made from metal through a complete process handled by our extremely experienced professionals. From abrasive cleaning via sandblasting to carefully applying the coating to every exposed surface of the object, we take care to deliver a job well done for every client. We can work to achieve the exact results you're looking for with as a more affordable alternative — and you'll still enjoy the same quality finish as you would find in a factory-produced piece. There are options available for added durability, plus a wealth of colour choices.

No matter the type of metal object you wish to subject to powder coating near Caringbah, we can accomplish the job. Enjoy the bright and vibrant new colour of a freshly powder coated item and know that it will continue to maintain its excellent looks for a decade or more. Ready to take the first steps? Send an email to or call us today on 0452 639 436 to let us know what you have for us to work on; we'll take care of the rest.

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