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Revitalise your Metal with Powder Coating in Liverpool

Powder coating is a method used to coat metal with a dry powder that is electrostatically charged, keeping it in place. Following powder application, the metal is heated at a high temperature to cure and finish. These powders are composed of thermoplastic polymers which create an external layer that holds up better than paint, providing a longer life for your metal items.


Often before powder coating is applied, we will use a sand blasting technique to smooth or abrade a surface and remove any residual “gunk” that may be attached to the surface. This practice provides a better surface for adherence to the powder coating, ultimately giving you the best finish for your metal items. The process is quick and can be easily modified to target specific areas or clean an entire truck bed.


Sand blasting and powder coating will extend the shelf life when applied to any metal. Our system is designed to extend the life of your metal items. We have coated everything from bike frames and farm implements to refrigerator liners and hospital beds. There are no style or size restrictions, but the material must be metal.


Let us help you extend the life of your metal, add some spice with colour, or simply a fantastic refinish with powder coating in Liverpool.  Call us on 0242943210 to discuss the details of your next project. You can also visit our Facebook page to browse through examples of our work or use our fillable form, and we will contact you.

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