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An Environmentally Friendly way to refinish your metal with powder coating in Moorebank

In today’s society, the environment is a major discussion topic. There is more information available for people to be aware and concerned about their environmental footprint. As a whole, we are becoming more careful with our direct impact on the Earth. As we learn more about the chemistry for different compound’s present in our everyday items, we consider how dramatically we can affect our air, soil, and groundwater.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are both human-made and naturally occurring chemicals that easily evaporate into the surrounding air from solid and liquid states. Some VOCs are harmful to human health and the environment. If you need to refinish your metal items in Moorebank, powder coating and sandblasting are the environmentally friendly methods that will give you the best results.


Most paints and solvents include numerous harsh chemicals and VOCs that are harmful to both you and the environment. Powder coating is a dry process that uses very fine, electrostatically charged particles to coat your metal until heated under high temperatures. The heat forces these fine particles to cure and finish into a hard and durable external surface. The process is nearly pollution free and is less damaging because no harsh chemicals are used.


To discover the safest and cleanest method to refinish your metal using sand blasting and powder coating in Moorebank call us on 0242943210 to discuss the details of your next project. You can also visit our Facebook page to browse through examples of our work or use our contact form, and we’ll contact you.

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