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Forget Painting Your Sutherland Shire Metal Fence. Use Environmentally Friendly Powder Coating

If your home has old, rusted metal fences that hurt the aesthetics of your property, you don’t need to resort to replacing your entire fence with a brand new one. There’s an easy, environmentally safe option for restoring your metal fences and giving them a revitalised look. The process is called powder coating, and it’s a paint- and solvent-free way to give your fences and other metal products a new, rejuvenated look. At Nex Gen Coating, we centre our entire business around the process of sandblasting and powder coating near Sutherland Shire.

What is powder coating? It’s a completely dry finishing process that we use on metal products including fences, cars, car rims, and industrial products. Fine particles of pigment and resin are charged electrostatically and sprayed directly onto metal products. The metal objects are electrically ground so that the particles adhere to them, creating a lustrous, beautiful finish. Benefits of this process include improved appearance, increased durability, and scratch-resistance. It’s a fantastic way to restore your products and make them last longer without purchasing new parts or replacement products.

At Nex Gen Coating, we have a team of professionals with years of experience in powder coating for Sutherland Shire customers. We believe in this process because of its environmental friendliness as well as its restorative properties that keep your metal and industrial products in fantastic shape for a long time. If you need to restore your metal fence, call us for more information on the powder coating process today. You can call us on 0452 639 436.

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