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Rejuvenate Old Metal Items Through Sandblasting and Powder Coating in Kirrawee

An old, peeling paint job on metal items can make them seem much older and less useful than they really are. For example, an old bicycle might still be perfectly fine for riding, but its age shows on the surface. Rather than repainting it from scratch, why not consider another option altogether? Nex Gen Powder Coatings offers a local service in sandblasting near Kirrawee that can peels away all the old surface coats on your items and leave behind a clean metallic surface. After blasting, it's time to replace the old surface with a brand new exterior coat.

With custom powder coating, Kirrawee residents can achieve a uniform, clean, and colourful look for their metal equipment that will last for years. By depositing pigment particles and sticky resin binders onto your object through an electrical process, we can form a very hard coating that resists the battering forces of the elements. That old bike can suddenly look brand-new again at a fraction of the cost of an expensive new cycle from the store. Of course, that's just one example — we can carry out sandblasting and powder coating in Kirrawee on many items.

When metal looks worse for wear, whether it's something as simple as a filing cabinet or as important as an electrical junction box, using our services in sandblasting and powder coating near Kirrawee is the easy way to refresh and protect them. Let's talk about how we can "blast" your items into better shape today! Call us on 0452 639 436 to learn more.

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