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Restore Your Household Metal Products with Sandblasting in Caringbah

Do you have metal furniture? Metal lighting fixtures? Ceiling fans? Are any of these household products looking old or lacking their former lustre? Instead of painting them or throwing them out and buying new replacements, consider having a dedicated company utilise the process of sandblasting to restore your products to their former look and protect them for the future. You may be wondering what sandblasting is and Nex Gen Coatings has the answer to that question.

Sandblasting is the process of smoothing a rough, metal surface by forcefully propelling an abrasive material against the surface while under a high amount of pressure. Through this process, a metal surface – whether a piece of furniture or a light fixture – becomes smooth and is removed of any surface contaminants.

There are multiple benefits to the sandblasting process including the fact that it removes rust. If you have old, metal products that have acquired rust over years of exposure to weather or other elements, sandblasting can remove this rust while simultaneously cleaning and smoothing the metal surfaces. Rust removal is crucial to prolonging the life of your metal products and sandblasting is the best, easiest method to do so. It not only removes the rust but also cures it, meaning that it can restore formerly damaged surfaces to good working condition. If you have products that need sandblasting near Caringbah, our team at Nex Gen Coatings is ready to help you restore them to their former glory.

For more information on our sandblasting process, call our offices near Caringbah. You can reach us on 0452 639 436.

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