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Eliminate Years of Wear with Effective Sandblasting in Illawarra from Nex Gen Powder Coatings

Sandblasting sounds like an extreme process — the name alone makes it sound like a very harsh and perhaps even destructive technique. Yet once you see what it can do to an old and worn metal surface, the reason for shooting tiny sand particles onto metal objects at high speeds becomes clearer. The process removes all manner of surface imperfections and lingering paint, leaving behind a "blank canvas" ready for you to make improvements. If you need sandblasting near Illawarra, we can help.

At Nex Gen Powder Coatings, it's is a key part of our process for providing custom powder coating to Illawarra. Bring us a brand-new metal object, like the body to a light truck or a chain-link fence, and we'll prepare it for its brand new and highly durable exterior coating. With a sandblasted surface, we can more effectively induce the charged pigment powder to adhere to the metal surface, priming it for heat curing. The result is always exciting to see for the first time. In fact, you might find it hard to believe it's even the same object.

Through our abilities in sandblasting and powder coating, our Illawarra clients can see incredible results. Old items that may have had a future on the scrap pile will find a new lease on life, ready for more years of dependable service free from its previous signs of wear and tear. Nex Gen Coatings strives to achieve a rapid turnaround on most small and standard jobs; call us on 0452 639 436 to discuss the availability of sandblasting near Illawarra for your specific items.

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